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buzztouch plugin: Advert Splash
By: chris1
Version: v1.2
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Adapts the standard splash screen by making it clickable to load a URL. Great for showing advertisements on the splash.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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2 Reviews

I hate code!
Reg: Dec 28, 2010
Montreux Switze...
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Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.2)
  01/24/14 03:09 AM (8 years ago)
I guess I’ve been waiting for this plugin since BT1.5… So many possible uses! Advertising, latest news, special offers, upcoming events…

Working perfectly on BT3.0 self-hosted, 100% OK for iOS universal apps. Definitely worth the price.

It combines the ‘normal’ Splash Screen and the Custom URL plugins. Tap on the Splash Screen image and the Custom URL slides gracefully from the bottom of the screen. Tap on the top-left back button or on the first tab and you arrive on the ‘regular’ homescreen.

Chris, the developer, combined the Splash Screen with the Custom URL, not with HTML Doc or HTML Pro, so a connection is always required (beware: use lightweight files to minimize loading time).

Which means you can’t use it with predefined HTML files embedded in the app, a feature that would be useful e.g. for pre-planned messages using heavyweight graphics and changing according to the season or the public holidays. (Just an enhancement idea… but it would be a problem as I couldn’t rate it with 6 stars then!)

Another possible enhancement could be the ability to use the top right button as in a ’normal’ screen. (In this v1.2 you just choose to display or not an action button enabling loading of the HTML file in the native Safari app.) This ability could be useful e.g. if you use the Advert Splash to announce new features in the app and wish to give a shortcut to a certain screen.

Not yet featured in one of my live apps, but tested on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPad 2 (all on iOS 7).

BTW, Chris is one of the most creative (and helpful) plugin developers in the BT Galaxy. Follow him!
Android Fan
Reg: Nov 14, 2011
las vegas
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Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.1)
  01/11/14 12:12 PM (8 years ago)