Scratch Feature

buzztouch plugin: Scratch Feature
Version: v1.0
The Scratch Feature plugin allows you to scratch with your finger to reveal the image below! (Like a scratch off prize!) You can also change the images and brush size from the Control Panel.
works on iOS iOS
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2 Reviews

Code is Art
Reg: Dec 15, 2010
In your local b...
  03/30/14 05:38 PM (9 years ago)
So addicting! Swipe swipe swipe! My one thought is that this plugin would work really well on your Samsung Galaxy 4... Lots of potential for Android... :D Best wishes!
Jake Chasan
Veteran developer
Reg: May 13, 2011
location unknow...
  11/29/13 05:45 PM (10 years ago)
Awesome plugin. Great addition to the Buzztouch Market. This plugin keeps the user engaged in an app by adding very cool functionality.