Screen Shot Share

buzztouch plugin: Screen Shot Share
By: Kittsy
Version: v1.0
Simple helper class that allows your user to take a screen shot and share with others using UIActivityController AKA Share sheets.
works on iOS iOS
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1 Review

Aspiring developer
Reg: Mar 05, 2012
Esher, UK
  07/14/14 02:01 AM (3 years ago)
The functionality of this plugin is simple and elegant. Assign the plugin to a button on a menu and when you click, the plugin captures a screen-shot of the page that the user is looking at it and uses the built in 'share' ios feature prompting the user to then send the screenshot as an attachment with some additional text that you can pre-configure in the control panel.
This is a great way to get your users to market your app for you.

This plugin requires a small bit of manual 'cut and paste' to your project, which is very straightforward. As a non-programmer even I did not find this part of the installation daunting.

You need to think a bit about positioning the button to do this, as it needs to be on the screen that you want to screengrab. The top right hand button in the navbar is a good candidate, unless you use that for something else. It might be feasible to tie this feature to a 'shake' but I have not tried that.

All in all, a great addition.