Custom Location Map

buzztouch plugin: Custom Location Map
Version: v1.2
With this plugin you can mark your map locations with up to ten custom images! In addition you can include an icon image in the location Call-out.
works on iOS iOS
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3 Reviews

Korkut Ata
Aspiring developer
Reg: Aug 09, 2011
  02/11/14 03:05 PM (4 years ago)
It might have been a good plugin but not compatible with BT 3.0. Update required.
Lost but trying
Reg: Dec 17, 2011
  04/16/13 01:36 PM (5 years ago)
A nice plugin and alternative to the BT version. Only down side is only 3 custom pins available to create, should of been at least 10. Never-the-less it makes all the difference to you map screen, in terms of look.
Still worth buying.
Code is Art
Reg: Nov 17, 2011
  03/08/13 08:02 AM (5 years ago)
Very Nice. Looks to be an extension of the existing BT map screen with some new enhancements. I just duplicated that plug-in myself recently to start modding it to add overlays.

Looking at this code here should provide some addtional insight to mod my own version.

The Location and distance features look really useful. Thumbs up for this. Building your own customized map application is not an easy task in iOS. I've seen sample code out there for big $$$ that doesn't have this kind of functionality. Remember you can change those map locations and images dynamically thru the control panel. This is an incredible tool for event type apps.

Thanks to the developer for some great code and features to use in my apps.