buzztouch plugin: AppTransformer
By: Stobe
Version: v1.0
The AppTransformer plugin will allow you to supply multiple config.txt files to your app, and have the user transform the app through interaction.
works on iOS iOS
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I hate code!
Reg: Dec 28, 2010
Montreux Switze...
  03/22/14 07:23 AM (4 years ago)
Wish to create an app that you (or your customer) can transform according to events or seasons? Summer design, Halloween mood, Christmas atmosphere, and so on? You can do it with this amazing plugin!

You'll just need some more tools: the AppCopier tool to duplicate your app, and the Voucher Access plugin (yet to be upgraded... wait for v1.3!).

You'll use the Voucher to restrict access to the AppTransformer - except of course if you wish to use the Transformer to give the user the ability to switch between different designs (e.g).

You'll use the AppCopier tool to duplicate your app, so as to have 2 different CPs (or even more) for one app. Just imagine: CP 1 settings are for summer, CP 2 for winter. You predefine everything, embed in the 'real' app all files, the summer ones and the winter ones (or set in each CP the summer and winter URLs if you don't compile the files in the app).

On D Day, you type the password in the Voucher Access, which triggers the AppTransformer. That's it. Your app now has its winter look.

Cool! Congratulations to Stobe for this brilliant idea!