iOS and / or Android (not specific)

arrow Things You Will Need to Know Before Creating Apps
Follow this guide to understanding all the necessary tools and parts and software you'll need to make apps, it's invaluable for aspiring devs.

arrow Guidelines for the Plugin Market
This document was written by Buzztouch Developers to outline guidelines for the Plugin Market. Plugin Developers should review this document before uploading a plugin.

arrow Connecting your Plugin Control Panel to your BT Plugin Code
This detailed document from SmugWimp Tutorials explains to Plugin Developer how to connect their apps to the Control Panel in the new 3.0. It is a must read for Plugin Developers.

arrow Using Archive.or URLs for MP3 plugins
This document by Mason's App Designs describes how you can use an MP3 url for audio stream plugins by using

arrow Installing GeoMoby
This How To describes how to install GeoMoby in your app.

arrow Using Archive for URLs for app images
This how to document describes how to use for including images on a URL in your app.

arrow Control Panel Child Items
This document from @nadthevlad describes how to set up your child items in a 3.0 control panel.

arrow Plugins: Creating, Sharing, Selling
This document explains the basics behind creating custom plugins, the Plugin Market, and the Plugin Package.

arrow Example Government Proposal
Tim Wolf shares an example response to an Government Request for Proposal.

arrow Example App Business Proposal
Experienced Buzztouch developer Tim Wolf shares an example proposal for making an app for a business.

arrow How to Copyright your Buzztouch App
In this document, Smug Wimp goes through the process to copyright your app content.

arrow Install Perl Libraries on Xcode
This document describes how to install the Perl Libraries on Xcode.

arrow Making Custom Icons with pixelmater
You can save a lot of money by making your icons with pixelmater instead of Photoshop. This tutorial walks you through how to do it.

arrow Over the Air Distribution
This describes how to set up over the air distribution for your apps. This is for Self-Hosted only.

arrow Sample Statement of Work (S.O.W)
This sample Statement of Work may be useful if you're bidding on for-hire development work. Keep it simple. Keep it honest. It'll keep you busy.

arrow FREE Audio Loops for your apps. Royalty Free.
Ian, our resident composer, has spent a ton of time making awesome loops you're welcome to use in your Buzztouch app. These are royalty free so you can use them without fear of getting a takedown notice!

arrow Plugin Wish List
This Plugin Wish List was developed by @Outbreak for the buzztouch Community. You can add items or view the wish list.

arrow Adding Files to an Xcode or Eclipse Project
This is a great guide that walks you through adding project files (such as images) to an X-code (iOS) or Eclipse (Android) project.

arrow Posting a Device's Current Location to a Database
This guide details the necessary steps to gather information about the devices location, log them to a backend database, then output the results on a map. This technique can be very very useful and flexible for location aware apps.



arrow How to Enable Automatic Refresh
This uber-stylish and well written guide walks you through the steps needed to enable Automatic Refresh in your apps. Updated by @CakeBit

arrow .p12 to .pem Conversion Guide (iOS Push)
This guide shows you how to convert a .P12 certificate file you exported using KeyChain Access (on your Mac) to a .PEM file using a handy online tool.

arrow Video Tutorial - Scringo added to Buzztouch (IOS)
This is a basic 2 Part guide to get Scringo up and running in your Buzztouch IOS project. Additional Resources to for adding the Scringo Folder to your project.

arrow Installing Buzztouch Self-Hosted on Windows Server
This document describes how you can install the Buzztouch self-hosted control panel on a Windows Server.

arrow Code Signing an App
This document describes how to code sign your iOS app.

arrow Buzztouch URL Scheme
Use links in HTML pages, links in PDF files and links on Buttons to open up the specified Screen within a BuzzTouch app. This technique takes advantage of the iOS URL Scheme to register the BuzzTouch app with a custom URL. From any app on the device, a tap on the custom URL myApp://myScreenNickname will launch the app into the screen with that nickname.

arrow Content Localization iOS OF BT 3.0 and 2.0 Applications
This document describes how you can make your app multilingual by using one Buzztouch project for each language in your app. It is easier than you think!

arrow iOS7: Changing the Nav and Tab bar colors
Use this tutorial from Sandeep to change the navbar background color, icon tint color and text color. Also the tabbar attributes are in it.

arrow Using Live Scoring with Scorestream
This tutorial walks you through the set up of Scorestream in an iOS app.

arrow Making iOS App Accessible
This document by LA describes how to make your iOS app accessible to the disabled.

arrow Making Embedded Maps
This set of tutorials describes the steps you need to take to embed maps in your iOS project.

arrow Using Custom Fonts in a BT Project
This document describes how to use a custom font in your iOS project.

arrow Adding Tabatoo to your iOS app
This guide shows you how to integrate the Tabatoo SDK in your iOS project.

arrow Integrating MobiHelp (Freshdesk) in your iOS App
This document shows how to include the MobiHelp by Freshdesk SDK in your app.

arrow Debugging XCode Exceptions
This tool by @chris1 will help you work through the dreaded SIGABRT and EXC_BAD_ACCESS errors.

arrow Setting Up Your iOS Development Environment (Mac OS X)
This illustrated guide walks you through setting up your Xcode environment on Mac OS X. Required reading for developing iOS apps!

arrow Push Notifications for iOS - Detailed Instructions
This very detailed step-by-step explains the necessary steps to configure your iOS app to use Push Notifications using the buzztouch control panel.

arrow iOS Push Notifications Certificate Setup
This step-by-step show you how to create a .pem file (certificate) to upload to your buzztouch control panel on the Push Notifications screen.

arrow Setting up Test Users for In App Purchase (iAP)
This simple document explains the steps necessary to setup some test users for Apple's In App Purchase system.

arrow Handling Old Cached Data after an App Store Update
See this document if your app is having trouble parsing old cached data after updating the app on a device from the App Store.

arrow Achievement Tutorial
This builds on @MGoBlue's Game Center tutorial and shows how to set achievements in game center.

arrow Game Center Tutorial
This is a detailed step-by-step about integrating iOS Game Center in a buzztouch v1.5 app. It's very easy to follow and a great addition for game-centric apps.


arrow Integrating AirPush Notification for Android
This is a great tutorial on integrating Airpush Push notification in to buzztouch Android Apps applicable to both versions 1.5 and 2.0.

arrow START HERE! Your Guide to Making Android Apps
This is the place to start if you want to make Android apps. This PDF has the link to the video series by rock star Buzztouch Member, GoNorthwest.

arrow When to Publish or Compile an Android Project
This contribution from @bigPaul shows visually how to know when you should publish or compile your Android project.

arrow Airpush playstore
Full Airpush Integration Package for Google PlayStore.

arrow Airpush Universal
Airpush Universal SDK Package. Includes integration procedure, .jar file, and test project.

arrow Installing Google Maps on Android
This document, by Smug Wimp Tutorials, describes how you can obtain the Google key you will need to run maps in your Android application.

arrow Referencing the Google Play Services Library
In this document Smug Wimp describes how you can reference the Google Play Services Library in your Android project. You need to use Google Play services to run Maps and Push notifications.

arrow Installing Admod in Android App
Experienced Buzztouch Android developer, @ Sandeep, explains how to install Admob into an Android app in this detailed PDF.

arrow Making Android Apps Accessible
This document by LA describes how to make your apps accessible to the disabled.

arrow Adding Tabatoo to your Android App
This guide shows you how to add the Tabatoo SDK to your Android app.

arrow Video Tutorial - Scringo added to Buzztouch (Android)
This is a basic Video Tuorial to get Scringo up and running in your Buzztouch Android project. Update: Also includes Scringo Facebook Login, Back button,Radar.

arrow Video Tutorial - Android Source Code to .APK file
A quick 15 minute Video tutorial on downloading your Buzztouch source code and creating a .APK file.

arrow Android Device Reference (size, resolution, etc)
This useful guide shows a list of tons of Android devices along with their resolution, screen size, Android API level, etc. Super useful!

arrow Setting up Android Push Notifications with GCM and Buzztouch
This helpful and well thought out documents show you exactly what steps are needed to get Google Cloud Messaging (Push Notifications) running on your Android app.

arrow Intercepting Menu Taps
This document is an attempt to help you understand how a menu-tap is processed so you can perform custom actions in some situations. The example illustrates how to open a PDF document directly instead of loading the PDF document screen.