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buzztouch plugin: Animated Splash
Version: v1.3
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This type of screen displays a series of animated images when the app first launches then transitions away after a pre-determined amount of time.
works on iOS iOS
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Pointerrburns50 | 03/14/15 (v1.3)
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Nice plugin, needs patience to get your look and feel just right - so play and then play again! I use VirtualDub (free utility) to strip images from video, and then FotoSizer (another free util) to batch resize all the images. Very easy process usi...
More Information
This plugin produces a splash screen with an animated image (for iOS only). When the animation has completed
the screen will transition away, revealing the main app. Alternatively, you can choose not to automatically
transition the screen away, in which case it will wait for a tap from the user. Note that when the screen
transitions away, it will stop the animation and use the last image in the sequence as the static image.

To load animation:
Animated images in iOS are really a series of image files that look animated when displayed in a sequence.
You should name your images something like "myImage1.jpg", "myImage2.jpg", ... , "myImage45.jpg". If
you have Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, this can be easily done from an existing movie file. Simply
open the movie file in Photoshop, go to "File-Export-Render Movie" and choose "Image Sequence". Be sure
to set the "digits" to 1 and the starting number at 1.

Don't confuse Splash Screens like this one with Launch Images in iOS. iOS uses a set of images
that are compiled in your Xcode project as launch images. These images display as soon as the app
is launched and allow iOS to show the user something is happening. This means you may need to balance
the design of your launch image with the design of your splash image. Generally these are the same
type of message. Think of it this way, the splash screen with cover-up the launch image when it's
done loading. This means you'll want to design the two graphics, (the launch image the splash image)
to work together to get the results you want.

The Launch images come from the project, they are compiled before hand. The splash image can come
from the project or from a URL.

Version History
1.2 - Fixes for image scaling
1.1 - Fixes for new XCode requirements
1.0 - Original Release

iOS Project
1 Objective-C class (a total of 2 files) are needed.
CR_animated_splash.m and .h

CR_animated_splash.m is a basic UIViewController with a background image.

Android Project
Currently, animation is only configured for iOS projects. However, the class files from the basic Splash
screen are included here, so you can the same plugin for both iOS and Android. is the class that displays the view. The layout is handled by
cr_animated_splash.xml for the screen.