Animated Splash

buzztouch plugin: Animated Splash
By: chris1
Version: v1.3
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This type of screen displays a series of animated images when the app first launches then transitions away after a pre-determined amount of time.
works on iOS iOS
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6 Reviews

buzztouch Evangelist
Reg: May 12, 2014
Bilston - Engla...
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  03/14/15 11:59 AM (7 years ago)
Nice plugin, needs patience to get your look and feel just right - so play and then play again! I use VirtualDub (free utility) to strip images from video, and then FotoSizer (another free util) to batch resize all the images. Very easy process using the right tools.

When setting the Splash screen in Themes, you need to manually type in the name of your created screen and then save.

Agree with other comments, would be even better with audio but worth the price none the less.
Aspiring developer
Reg: Dec 24, 2011
great neck
Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.3)
  11/22/13 12:59 PM (8 years ago)
Works just like it should. Great plugin. Only wish it would allow an audio file to be played while it's animating.
Aspiring developer
Reg: Nov 02, 2012
Sunshine Coast,...
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  11/05/13 02:54 PM (8 years ago)
I really like this plugin so don't want to write a negative, but struck problems in app store submission with getting told it had blank screen in iPad on startup, rebuilt app 3 times and submitted 3 times, same answer. during my testing it worked fine. seeked help from developer but received no answer. i wanted to give this a higher review.
Code is Art
Reg: Nov 17, 2011
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Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.0)
  02/25/13 09:15 AM (9 years ago)
First Impression says everything. Animated Splash Screens are an immediate first impression.

Use it to advertise, use it to promote or just use it to simply dazzle folks when they open the app.

The developer has done his homework here and the control panel is well designed. The finite control of animation speed and animation duration make this a legit UIImage control that non-coders can control without writing a single line of code!

Amazing and flashy, this should be a must have plug-in for any developer looking to ramp their apps a notch and catch the users immediate attention.
Lost but trying
Reg: Dec 17, 2011
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Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.0)
  02/21/13 03:06 PM (9 years ago)
This plugin is a true friend of mine. For such a long time I wanted to add animated splash screens and now I can. You will need to be creative to get the best out of the plugin, but the results are truly amazing and takes the app to another level. Well done Chris! a great plugin to have.
I hate code!
Reg: Dec 28, 2010
Montreux Switze...
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Fourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm StarFourm Star (v1.0)
  02/21/13 07:53 AM (9 years ago)
Great for a very catchy effect at launch! Easy to configure with some patience (try try try), as it doesn't behave exactly as expected, but the final effect is awesome. Tips and tricks...

Two ways to use it, actually. With only a few images you'll get a flashy effect. Imagine an app focused on photos: this animated splash screen may display a quick preview of some snapshots, just to tease the user's eyes. Not really different from an animated GIF, but you can achieve something really eye-catching.

With many images (i.e. the frames of a movie) you'll get... a movie! Really! Smooth as on a TV screen, but beware of the MB! I tested it with an animated logo, here's a how-to just in case...

A 4-sec movie at 25 fps: logo (static), text (appearing with effect during 2 sec then remaining static during 1 sec), and 1 sec fade out to background color (black). Size: 768x1024 pix to fit iPad2 screen (vertical).

Movie exported to JPG (see how-to by chris1): 100 files (splashipad1.jpg and so on). Resized movie to 426x568 (size fitting iPhone 4 and 5), exported to JPG: 100 more files (splashiphone1.jpg and so on).

Why JPG and not PNG, even if my files are more lightweight in PNG? Just because exporting directly in PNG doesn't really optimize the files' weight: 13 MB for the 200 files! The trick: create an action in Photoshop just to 'save for web' all files in PNG, it will be more lightweight - less than 4 MB.

OK, now you're ready to configure the plugin. Surprise: the animation settings don't behave as expected, do not set animation duration to 4 if your 'movie' is supposed to be 4 sec long. And beware of differences between iDevices: I tried a setting that was ok on iPhone 4 and 5... but on iPad 2 the animation was truncated. Strange...

Here are settings that seem ok for a universal app with a 4 sec 'movie': begin transition 1 sec, animation duration 8 sec, transition duration 8 sec, transition type 'fade splash screen away'. Screen background image position: center.

No app yet on the App Store to show you the result, but on my development iDevices it looks great! Hope these tricks will help!