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buzztouch plugin: Add to Favorites
Version: v1.1
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This plugin gives you a menu list populated by the users favorite screens. Only 2 lines of code per plugin are required to enable it to become a favorite.
works on iOS iOS
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PointerSmugWimp | 12/16/15 (v1.1)
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Another flawless Kittsy plugin. Simple to implement and manage.
More Information
Add To Favourites Plugin
This plugin gives the app user the ability to save their favorite screens.
The included tutorial gives you a couple of lines of code to add a favorites button to your nav bar.
When the button is clicked the screen will be added to a menu list, similar to the Advanced menu plugin.
This is configurable in the control panel. The menu list also has the ability to remove and reorder the favourites in the list.

See it in action here

A screen can become a plugin by adding the lines of code in each .m file.
1. #import "AK_favorites.h"
2.In viewwillappear method add these two lines
self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = [[AK_favorites favoritesManager]favoritesAddButton];
[[AK_favorites favoritesManager]checkIfFavorite];
3. There is no 3

Contains AsyncImageView for loading of url images, will be used in several upcoming plugins due to good fallback measures and cacheing.
This will only be downloaded once per project download. If any other developers decide to use this framework also do not amend the contents or change the class names otherwise we will have conflicts.

Core 3.0 only. Latest version includes header image and cleaner code.

If anyone has purchased the previous version from please email me with proof of purchase to get this update for free.

Vice versa if anyone buys this plugin and would like a copy of the previous because they are not yet using Core 3.0 then please contact.

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me direct

Version History
1.0 Initial Launch
1.1 Updated AsyncImageView due to crashing.

iOS Project
AK_addTofavorites.h AK_addTofavorites.m AK_favorites.h AK_favorites.m AsyncImageView.h AsyncImageView.m

Android Project
Coming soon

"itemId": "3BB75E2FA69C3B7EA710B71",
"itemType": "AK_addTofavorites",
"itemNickname": "New favourites",
"navBarTitleText": "New favourites"