Voucher Access

buzztouch plugin: Voucher Access
Version: v1.2
This plugin is used to access hidden voucher or coupon screens through use of a password, code or email address. It is easy to set up because the password, code, or email you give the customer is just the screen nickname for the voucher.
works on iOS iOS
Latest Review
PointerEd | 09/09/13 (v1.2)
I think this is a great plug-in. It's really well written as is the description of it. Having this 'gate' that leads to another hidden screen has all sorts of uses in a wide variety of apps. I think if anybody was ever stuck with it you just ha...
More Information
This plugin is used to access unaccessible screens through use of a password, code or email.
The desired screen's nick name name is the password. So name your secret screens the password
or email of your choice. The user enters the password or email and will be taken to that screen.
The control panel lets you give text instructions, as well as the ability to change colours of fonts.
The screen has the ability to hide the password text from the control panel and also
save password, so it doesn't have to be typed again. (unless the app is hard reset, security feature)

iOS Project
3 files

Android Project
Not available for Android

"itemNickname":"Voucher Access",
"instructionText":"Use your registered email to access your portfolio", "buttonTapTransitionType":"curl"