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These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

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iOS Change Log
02-14-2012: BT_screen_settingsLogIn.m
When results are returned from the authentication URL the value of the user's unique id was not being saved correctly to the device. The issue was related to the setPrefString method. It was setting a value for the key userGuid, it needed to set a value for the key userId.
02-04-2012: BT_fileManager.m
Data caching and saving methods were utilizing the NSDocumentsDirectory in several places. This is no longer appropriate with the release of iCloud. Data saving and caching methods have been moved to the NSCachesDirectory instead.
10-25-2011: BT_screen_webView.m
Web-View's were not loading when referencing local documents in the Xcode project. We broke this with the BT_screen_webView.m update on 10-19 (see below). Fixed.
10-19-2011: Map Annotation View
Typo in BT_mapAnnotationView.m file fixed. It was causing a compiler error after previous update (see entry below this one).
10-19-2011: iOS 5, Xcode 4.2 Build Warnings
Lots of warnings were displayed when using the newly released Xcode 4.2 and the previous buzztouch code-base. Now that iOS 5 has been officially released we have fixed-up the project so no warnings should display. There are always subtle compiler differences and code-syntax isses that need adjusted with each new iOS release. No warnings should display now if you download the latest project and compile with Xcode 4.2 and the latest iOS 5 SDK.
10-19-2011: Error Saving Data to the Devices Cache
Content loaded from a URL was producing this error message on some devices. The issue was related to the way the device was trying to save the file. The file it was trying to save was being named the same as the file name on the URL. iOS was choking while trying, to save files such as "my-super-duper-long-blog-post-with-a-crazy-name.html" so we changed the "save as file name" when caching data. See BT_screen_webView.m
10-05-2011: Custom Plug-in's on Tabs
Custom plug-in screens were not loading when set as the home-screen for a tab. Updated BT_viewControllerManager.m to fix this. Two methods where updated in this file: initViewControllerForScreen() and handleTapToLoadScreen()
08-23-2011: Device UUID.
Updated the BT_device.m class so it creates a UUID (Universally Unique Identifer) using a method that does not include the previously available uniqueIdentifer provided by the device. This change was needed because Apple has depracted the previous method for iOS 5.
08-19-2011: "Place Call" Confirmation removed.
The Call Us feature was asking the user to confirm that they wanted to place a phone call before launching the dialer app. Confirmation is no longer required and the app attempts launches the dialer directly. Note: The device itself may ask the user to confirm this operation, app owners cannot control this behavior.
08-18-2011: Image Gallery "stacking" images.
Image Gallery screens were showing odd behavior when the first image in the list was displayed if it was smaller than the screen. This only happened after using the Refresh button. Fixed.
08-10-2011: Custom URL / Webpage not downloading
The saga continues. Another updated version of BT_downloader.m and BT_screen_webView.m have been added to the download server. The issues are related to the device not understanding what type of content it's loading when URL's do not include a document. Example: mysite.com/doc.html DOES include a document in the URL but http://www.mysite.com does not.
08-09-2011: Custom URL / Webpage not downloading
Fixed issued with Data Not Donwloading error. The trouble surfaced after the 08/08/2011 update.
08-08-2011: Force Refresh, Custom HTML / Text
The Force Refresh setting in Document Behaviors was not honored on all devices. Fixed.
08-08-2011: Improved Error Reporting
Improved the error reporting mechanism in BT_fileManager.m. Previously, if an app's configuration data contained the word "error" - such as in the word "terror", the app would incorrectly report an error and prevent data from being downloaded.
08-08-2011: Email Document Button
Added email document functionality. See advanced settings when working with document behaviors. This method allows end users to email a document (such as a .pdf) as an attachment.
08-05-2011: iOS 5 Preperations
Fixing a few issues with the iOS 5 compiler. Updated the BT_mapAnnotation.h, BT_mapAnnotation.m and BT_screen_map.m files.
07-13-2011: Quiz not ending
When quizzes ended the options to show the scoreboard, a possible reward screen, or the finish screen were not being displayed. Fixed.
07-04-2011: Cutter crashing
Several screen types caused app-crash when selecting rows or buttons after "first attempt" - fixed.
07-04-2011: v1.5 "Cutter" Released
07-04-2011: Documentation Published
The first written documentation (58 pages) was published and made available to early adopters.
06-28-2011: Image Gallery Save / Email Buttons
The Save Image and Email Image buttons were not honoring the settings in the control panel. The Save Image button could not be displayed without also displaying the Email Image button. Fixed.
05-26-2011: Image Gallery Background Color
Not all devices were honoring the background color set in the Advanced Properties for an Image Gallery. Fixed.
05-25-2011: Email Subject Line
When using a Send Email (Email Us) screen, the Subject line was not pre-filling with the value entered in the control panel. This problem only happened about 50% of the time. Fixed.
05-23-2011: Flickr Image Gallery
When using a Flickr feed to power an Image Gallery screen, the data was only valid of the array of photos in the JSON data was named "photos" and not "photoset" so not all Flickr feeds worked. "photos" or "photoset" now supported.
05-23-2011: Image Titles not Randomizing
When an Image Gallery was set to show images in random order, the image titles (if available) were not randomizing along with the images. Fixed.
05-16-2011: Quiz Question / Answer Font Size
Long questions on the quiz screen scroll but the font-size was not adjustable. The answer font size (text on the answer buttons) was also not adjustable...both are adjustable now.
05-12-2011: Email Image Title
When emailing an image from an Image Gallery, the optional image title (caption) was not being included in the outbound email. If an image title is available when emailing an image it's now set as the email subject line.
05-11-2011: v1.5 "Schooner" Released
See this change document for details about some exicting new features and a few adjustments.
04-24-2011: Multiple Improvements
See this change document for details about uploading or emailing images, international characters and memory warnings.
04-21-2011: Streaming Audio "tab change"
Added option in the control panel to allow app owners to force a Streaming Audio screen to stop it's audio when a different tab is selected. This is only applicable to tabbed layouts and could be useful if each tab uses a different Streaming Audio screen.
04-16-2011: App Crash on Quiz 'back'
On iPad only (not iPhone), app crashed when a quiz completed, and the user visited a scoreboard or reward screen then tapped the back button. Fixed.
04-13-2011: Quiz Questions not loading
Some devices were not loading quiz questions when the questions came from a remote URL. Fixed.
04-09-2011: Email not configured message
If a device is not capable of sending email, it shows a message when an email feature is selected ("Email Us"). After the "email not configured" messaage was dismissed, the underlying screen was no longer refresh-able. Fixed.
04-05-2011: Quiz Scoreboard Screen-Name Entry
When a user chooses view-scoreboard options after taking a quiz they are presented with a box to enter an optional screen-name. This entry box was moving up and off the screen on some devices. Fixed.
04-01-2011: HTML links / Native Apps
When clicking an link in an HTML document, then confirming when asked to open a native app (like iTunes), it was loading the existing document instead of the native app. Fixed.
03-30-2011: Splash Screen "prevent animation"
Under some circumstances Splash Screens were not honoring the -1 setting in the control panel to prevent the animation until the user taps. Fixed.
03-28-2011: Multiple Improvements
Better offline data support, hide status bar, hide nav bar, background image scaling returns and more. PDF with details about these changes
03-22-2011: Document Behavior Settings
A new section has been added to the Advanced Screen properties of many screen types (PDF, HTML, URL, Word, etc). Use these settings to control scrolling, bouncing, user interaction and more.
03-20-2011: BT_downloader.m
A stray semi-colon got into the BT_downloader.m file and may have caused problems when compiling. #import "BT_fileManager.h"; should be #import "BT_fileManager.h" (note the additional semi-colon, it should not be there)
03-19-2011: Quiz Screens
Quiz screens are back for v1.5 with more options than ever. Sharing results is not yet implemented but will be soon.
03-11-2011: Status Bar Style
Added control panel option to change the status bar style. This can be implemented in the Global Theme or on a screen. It's best to use a consistent status bar style throughout the app.
03-11-2011: Streaming Audio
Modified the Streaming Audio screen to no longer use the default Quicktime audio player.
03-10-2011: HTML, Document Background color
Custom URL, HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint and other documents rendered in a Web-View showed "gray" stripe at top and bottom when scrolling all the way up, or down. Fixed.
03-10-2011: Screen Transitions
When transitioning from one screen to the next, in some cases the back-behavior would "flip" to the previous screen when a "slide" was expected. Fixed.
03-09-2011: Background Images Screen / Theme
Removed "scaling options" in control panel to simplify background image configuration. Background images for Theme's and Screen's were not centering consistently when the device was rotated. Fixed.
03-05-2011: Image Gallery, Flickr / URL Support
The Image Gallery now supports remote data sources. This means you can feed an image gallery screen from your website or Flickr. See the advanced settings on that screen for details.
03-05-2011: Image Gallery, Swipe Gestures
Swipe gestures have been implemented to provide a more natural experience when browsing photos. Implementing this feature required a 100% rewrite of the Image Gallery source code. Many files and thousands of lines of code have been updated. Please report Image Gallery issues if you find any.
03-04-2011: Menu-List, Header Image Tap
Tapping the header image on a menu-list screen was flipping the image everytime, and then triggering the next screen. This "double animation" was causing some devices to hang, crash, or mis-behave. The solution was to remove the first animation and implement only the selected animation. Fixed.
03-02-2011: Prevent Location Updates
Some devices were not honoring the "Start Location Updates" setting in the control panel with YES or NO selected. Fixed.
02-28-2011: Splash Screen "tap to continue"
Splash screens can now be configured to stay visible until the user taps the screen. Entering -1 (minus one) in the Begin Transition Seconds (splash screen animation settings) will prevent the animation from starting until the user taps the screen.
02-28-2011: Facebook / Twitter "white text"
When entering text (using a device) on a Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter screen, the text turned white, making it invisible! Fixed.
02-26-2011: RSS Screen List Item Background Color
Individual rows on RSS screen's (list of stories) were not honoring the background color settings in the control panel. Fixed.
02-22-2011: Automatic Update Support
App's compiled with the latest release now check for remote-content changes automatically. End-users are alerted and given the option to refresh the app's content if changes were made on the remote server.
02-21-2011: Call-Us not launching dialer
Some devices were not launching the native dialer app when a Call-Us button or menu-item was selected. Fixed.
02-21-2011: App Usage Map
Some users were reporting "No Usage" data on their app's control panel usage map. We did find an issue where some app Report-To-Cloud data was not being saved. Fixed.
02-20-2011: Settings location / device info
Settings screens for 'allow location' and 'device info' were not honoring the control panel settings for layout options Fixed.
02-20-2011: Menu-List details indicator type
Choosing "Details Indicator" for the indicator type on a menu-list-row did show the details disclosure button (instead of the default pointer) but tapping it did not load the next screen. Fixed.
02-19-2011: RSS feeds / header image
RSS screens with a header image configured did not show the image when an image URL was used instead of an image name (an image in the project). Fixed.
02-19-2011: Launch external app from Custom URL / HTML
Tapping a link in an HTML document wehre the link URL (href) pointed to iTunes, App Store, Maps, SMS or MAILTO asks user to confirm if they want to open the native app. The confirmation logic was causing the currently viewed HTML to open in the native browser instead of the content associated with the tapped link. Fixed.
02-17-2011: Control panel session-timeout
The control-panel login session timeout has been extended. Be sure to use the log-out link when you're done tinkering ;-)
02-17-2011: Map Screen Rotation / Tab Issue
Map screens were not re-drawing when the device was rotated. Map screens may not have displayed all locations when used as a home-screen in a tabbed layout. Fixed.
02-15-2011: Home button for right side navigation bar button
Navigation bars allow for a right-side button. The right-side button configuration allowed for the loading of any screen when the button was tapped. Added option to load the home screen (for the app or the current tab in tabbed layouts) instead of a new screen.
02-15-2011: Delete link on button screens
When configuring a button menu the delete option was not allowing the removal of buttons. Fixed.
02-15-2011: Button menu's with transparent navigation bar
When configuring a button menu and setting the navigation bar to transparent, the top row of buttons was partially hidden under the navigation bar. Fixed.
02-15-2011: Button menu layout after screen rotation
In a grid-style button layout, the buttons were not re-positioning themselves (centering) after the device was rotated. Fixed.
02-14-2011: RSS feeds displaying feed-description
RSS screens were displaying the feeds description as the first story-item. This was problematic and random depending on the feed URL. Fixed.
Android Change Log
03-28-2012: Web View / URL Spinner
BT_screen_customHTML.java and BT_screen_webView.java would not hide the progress / loading indicator in some cases when the HTML document was done loading. Fixed.
01-03-2012: BT_strings.java
The BT_strings.java file had a problem in two methods: getJsonPropertyValue and getStyleValueForScreen. These methods were not returning the default value passed in. Fixed.
01-03-2012: Image Gallery
BT_screen_images.java and screen_images.xml (layout folder) were updated. Additionally, some new animation files were added to the /res/anim folder to support the image gallery.
10-25-2011: Location Listener, GPS
BT_activity_base.java was updated. A typo existed in the way it tracked what type of location services were enabled (GPS or CELL). This was preventing user locations from being reported.
10-11-2011: Menu Buttons
Updated project to include Menu Button screens. This means buttons and lists should work (primary navigation screens). Continuing to work on remaining Phase 2 screens.
10-05-2011: Menu List, Header Image
Header images were not scaling properly on all devices. Updated headerImageView logic to images honor height/width resulution set in the control panel.
10-02-2011: Menu List, Description Text
Some devices were not showing the description text under the title text on menu lists. Updated BT_screen_menuList.java (src directory) and menu_list_row.xml (layout directory).
09-28-2011: Menu List, continued problem with screen orientation
This was not fixed with the 09/26/2011 update (see below). Some devices where still having trouble rendering list items before the device was rotated. This fix changes the location in the .java code where the List View's data adapter is configured. Fixed.
09-27-2011: Map Screens not showing details button on locations
On map screens (BT_screen_map.java) individual locations were not honoring loadScreenObjects configured in the locations JSON data. loadScreenWithItemId and loadScreenWithNickname were honored but loadScreenObject was not. This meant the pin did not show a details bubble when tapped if a loadScreenObject was used. Fixed.
09-26-2011: Menu-List not rendering before orientation change
On some devices Menu List screens were not rendering the list unless the user rotated the device. Rotating the device "once" showed the list but not before. Fixed.
09-20-2011: Phase 1 Improvements
Moved all image assets to BT_Images folder. Improved GPS / Network tracking logic, download data and check for updates speed, maps and a few other basics. Continuing to work out other screens types for phase 2.
09-16-2011: Updated Maps
BT_screen_map.java was updated and now supports directions buttons and other tap-options.
09-15-2011: Beta Release, Phase 1
Released phase 1 of 3 for the first beta version of buzztouch v1.5 Android edition. Phase 2 and 3 will come after the download, compile, and install process is tested by Early Adopters.