v1.5 Documentation

These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

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List Items
List items are used in List Menus. Every row in the menu is an individual list item. When an item in the list is selected, a new screen or menu loads. List item styles and sizes are adjusted in the Global Theme or in the parent List Menu.
Sample JSON
{"itemId":"99999", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"unique id of screen to load", "titleText":"Tap here for more"}
* Required
List Item Properties
Item Id * "itemId":"a unique id"
A unique number or string identifiying this item from all other items in the configuration file.
Item Type * "itemType":"BT_menuItem"
Used by the mobile app to determine what type of item to create.
Load Screen * "loadScreenWithItemId":"Another screen itemId"
"loadScreenWithNickname":"Another screen nickname"
"loadScreenObject":{a JSON sreen object}
The itemId, or the nickname, or the the JSON data for a screen or menu or feature. Only one of these three properties will be used.
Title Text * "titleText":"Text to show for title"
The title text to show for the item. This is Line 1 if a description is also used.
Description Text "descriptionText":"Text to show for description"
The description text to show for the item. This is Line 2 if a title and a description are used.
Icon / Image "iconName":"myCoolIcon.png"
Use iconName or iconURL, not both. Do not try to use large images as icons in a menu list. For best results, keep your images and icons below 75 x 75 px. Images and icons should be the same size for all items in the list. Be sure to adjust the image size and image scale settings in the Global Theme or in the parent List Menu to accomodate your images.
Indicator Type "rowAccessoryType":"details"
Options: Leave blank for the devices default arrow, or use "details" or "none"
Transition Type "transitionType":"flip"
Leave this blank for devices default transition. Or, use one of these values: fade, flip, curl, grow, slideUp, slideDown.
Sound Effect "soundEffectFileName":"ping.mp3"
The sound effect file must exist in the Xcode or Eclipse project. The sound effect file must be less than 1 second in duration.