v1.5 Documentation

These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

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Share via Email
Launches the devices default email application with a pre-configured message. End users enter a to-address or select recipients from their list of contacts.
Sample JSON
{"itemId":"99999", "itemType":"BT_screen_shareEmail", "itemNickname":"Email about us", "emailMessage":"You should see this app!"}
* Required
Share via Email Properties
Item Id * "itemId":"a unique id"
A unique number or string identifiying this item from all other items in the configuration file.
Item Type * "itemType":"BT_screen_shareEmail"
Used by the mobile app to determine what type of item to create.
Item Nickname * "itemNickname":"A unique nickname"
The nickname of the item in the buzztouch control panel.
Message * "emailMessage":"A message..."
A message to pre-configure the compose screen with. The pre-filled message cannot contain any carriage returns or line-breaks.
Login Required "loginRequired":"0"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. App must implement a Login screen.
Hide From Search "hideFromSearch":"0"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. Hides from search results if the app implements a Search Menu screen.