v1.5 Documentation

These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

Content Screens
Settings Screens
Splash Screens
Other Actions
Tabs and Layout
Application are either "tabbed" or "non-tabbed" and not both. Tabbed layouts use up to 5 home screens, one for each tab and are well suited for apps that have lots of content and features. Non-tabbed layouts use one home screen and are best for apps that have limited content and features.
Tabs and Layout in BT_config.txt
The apps configuration file includes a list of tabs. This list is required but may be empty. The apps configuration file also includes a list of screens, menus, and features. If the app uses a tabbed layout, each BT_tab item describes how that tab is configured. If the app's tab array is empty, the first screen in the list of screens becomes the home screen.
Sample BT_tab
{"itemId":"33343", "itemType":"BT_tab", "itemNickname":"My Home Tab", "itemLabel":"Home", "iconName":"house.png", "homeScreenItemId":"885854845"}
* Required
Tab Properties
Item Id * "itemId":"a unique id"
A unique number or string identifiying this item from all other items in the configuration file.
Item Nickname * "itemNickname":"a unique nickname"
The nickname of the item in the buzztouch control panel.
Item Type * "itemType":"BT_tab"
Identifies this type of item as a BT_tab item.
Text Label * "textLabel":"Videos"
The text to display on the tab.
Icon "iconName":"videos.png"
The name of the tabs icon. This image must exist in the Xcode or Eclipse project.
Home Screen ItemId * "homeScreenItemId":"itemId of screen to use"
The itemId of the screen to use as this tabs home-screen.
Sound Effect "soundEffectFileName":"boink.mp3"
The file name of sound effect to play when the tab is selected. This file must exist in the Xcode or Eclipse project.
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