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These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

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Quiz Question Items
Quiz Questiom Items are used in Multiple Choice Quiz. Every question in the quiz is an individual item. The question itself can be text, or an image, or both. If an image and text is used the text displays "on-top" of the image.
Sample JSON
{"itemId":"99999", "itemType":"BT_quizQuestionItem", "questionText":"How tall is the tallest man in inches?", "correctAnswerText":"109 inches", "incorrectText1":"123 inches", "incorrectText2":"101 inches", "incorrectText3":"98 inches"}
* Required
Quiz Question Item Properties
Item Id * "itemId":"a unique id"
A unique number or string identifiying this item from all other items in the configuration file.
Item Type * "itemType":"BT_quizQuestionItem"
Used by the mobile app to determine what type of item to create.
Question Text "questionText":"My Button"
The question text to display. You may leave this blank and use only a question image.
Question Image Small Device "imageNameSmallDevice":"smallButton.png"
Use imageNameSmallDevice or imageURLSmallDevice, not both.
Question Image Large Device "imageNameLargeDevice":"largeButton.png"
Use imageNameLargeDevice or imageURLLargeDevice, not both.
Correct Answer * "correctAnswerText":"109 inches"
The correct answer to the question.
Incorrect Answer 1 * "incorrectText1":"123 inches"
1 of 3 incorrect answers.
Incorrect Answer 2 * "incorrectText2":"101 inches"
2 of 3 incorrect answers.
Incorrect Answer 3 * "incorrectText3":"98 inches"
3 of 3 incorrect answers.