v1.5 Documentation

These reference documents are designed to help you when things don't go as planned. The individual screen type documents are useful for looking up availalbe JSON properties.

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Location Map
Location maps are used to show one or more pins on a map. Each location can be configured with an additional action that occurs when the callout bubble is tapped. The list of locations can can come from the screens configuration data or a remote file hosted on a backend server. Hosting the locations on a remote server allows for dynamic changes. This sample text file shows the format of a remote file of locations.
Sample JSON
{"itemId":"99999", "itemType":"BT_screen_map", "itemNickname":"Location Map", "navBarTitleText":"Monterey Spots", "dataURL":"http://mywebsite.com/locationsForMap.php"}
* Required     * Overrides Global Theme
Location Map Properties
Item Id * "itemId":"a unique id"
A unique number or string identifiying this item from all other items in the configuration file.
Item Type * "itemType":"BT_screen_map"
Used by the mobile app to determine what type of item to create.
Item Nickname * "itemNickname":"A unique nickname"
The nickname of the item in the buzztouch control panel.
Child Items "childItems":[Array of Map Locations]
An array of Child Item JSON objects representing each location on the map. Do not use a childItems array if the screen pulls it's locations from a dataURL.
Data URL "dataURL":"http://www.mysite.com/locationsForMap.php"
A URL pointing to a file containing an array of Child Item JSON objects representing each location on the map. Do not use a dataURL if the screen uses a childItems array.
Status Bar, Navigation Bar
Status Bar Style * "statusBarStyle":"default"
Options: default, solid, transparent, hidden.
Navigation Bar Title "navBarTitleText":"The Screen Title"
The title text that shows in the navigation bar.
Navigation Bar Style * "navBarStyle":"solid"
Options: solid, transparent, hidden.
Navigation Bar Color * "navBarBackgroundColor":"#000000"
Hexidecimal color.
Left Button Text "navBarBackButtonText":"Back"
Keep this short.
Right Button Type "navBarRightButtonType":"infoLight"
Omit this property or leave the value blank for no right button.
Options: home, next, infoLight, infoDark, details, done, cancel, save, add, addBlue, compose, reply, action, organize, bookmark, search, refresh, camera, trash, play, pause, stop, rewind, fastForward
This property sets the image's type, it does not determine what happens when the button is tapped. The Right Button Load Screen is what determines what happens when the button is tapped.
Right Button Load Screen "navBarRightButtonTapLoadScreenItemId":"Another screen itemId"
"navBarRightButtonTapLoadScreenNickname":"Another screen nickname"
"navBarRightButtonTapLoadScreenObject":{a JSON sreen object}
The itemId, or the nickname, or the the JSON data for a screen or menu or feature. Only one of these three properties will be used.
Keywords: Set the navBarRightButtonTapLoadScreenItemId to "back", "home" or "showAudioControls" for special behaviors. These option will not load a screen but will perform the action associated with the keyword.
Right Button Transition Type "navBarRightButtonTapTransitionType":"flip"
Leave this blank for devices default transition. Or, use one of these values: fade, flip, curl, grow, slideUp, slideDown.
Hide Bottom Tab Bar "hideBottomTabBarWhenScreenLoads":"0"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. This property is ignored when this screen is set as the home screen for a tab or if the app does not use a tabbed layout.
Map Behavior
Show User Location "showUserLocation":"1"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 - yes. Shows the location of the device on the map when the map loads.
Show User Location Button "showUserLocationButton":"1"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 - yes. Shows a button used to place a pin on on the map representing the location of the device.
Default Map Type "defaultMapType":"standard"
Options: standard, terrain, hybrid
Show Map Type Buttons "showMapTypeButtons":"1"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 - yes. Shows buttons to switch between map types.
Show Refresh Button "showRefreshButton":"1"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. Only useful if map locations are coming from a remote data source. See the Data URL property.
Map Default Zoom Level "singleLocationDefaultZoom":"15"
Numeric. 1 - 28. Only used on maps with one and only one location. Adjust this to the appropriate zoom level for the location.
Background Audio
Audio File Location * "audioFileName":"sampleAudio.mp3"
The filename of the file included in the project or the URL to the file. If a audioFileURL is used then audioFileName should not be included. The audioFileURL is an internet address pointing to an actual file, not an an address the loads an HTML or Flash webpage with an embedded media player.
Audio Stops on Screen Exit "audioStopsOnScreenExit":"1"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes.
Audio Number of Loops "audioNumberOfLoops":"1"
Set this to 1 to play the audio track once. Set this to -1 to play the track indefinitely.
Login Required "loginRequired":"0"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. App must implement a Login screen.
Hide From Search "hideFromSearch":"0"
Options: 0 or 1 where 1 = yes. Hides from search results if the app implements a Search Menu screen.